Dad who humiliated daughter by recreating her ‘sexy selfies’ now has twice as many followers as her


Dad of the year

An important part of parenthood is being able to sufficiently embarrass your child when necessary, and one Washington dad has mastered that art. Self-described on Instagram as a “comedian, costume maker and all around man of action," Chris Martin can certainly add expert daughter-troller to that description.

Actions speak louder than words

After Martin noticed his teenage daughter was posting several, what he described as “sexy selfies” to social media, the dad decided to take action. “So my daughter has been posting sexy selfies of herself and instead of telling her to stop, well, I thought of something better. #dadbod #dadselfie,” he wrote on Instagram.

Thousands of likes

What followed was a series of side-by-side photos showing Martin mimicking his daughter, Cassie, down to nearly every detail, including her tattoos, makeup and outfits. Cassie quickly picked up on the prank, posting this photo to social media along with the caption, “MY FATHER HARASSES ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA.” In just a few days, her post received more than 16,000 shares and 25,000 interactions on Facebook, plus plenty more on Twitter. As if the replica tattoo wasn’t impressive enough, Martin even recreated the leaf wreath Snapchat filter Cassie used in her photo.


But Cassie isn’t the only one picking up social media followers thanks to her dad’s antics. On Instagram, she’s up to more than 51,000 followers, but her dad has nearly double that with almost 100,000 followers of his own. "She'd been on Instagram for longer than me by far until recently I barely even understood Facebook!” Chris said, via Mirror. "No way did I expect such a big reaction. If I'd have known that people all over the world would have seen the photos, I would have at least drawn the tattoos better.”

New followers

Martin is adding thousands of followers by the day thanks to the routine. "I last saw I had 53,000 followers and at least 52,951 are from the selfie dad thing and Cassie reminds me of it every chance she gets. I guess people prefer funny over pretty!” he said before growing that number to more than 97,000. And in addition to just expanding his social media clout, Martin seems to be achieving his original goal, as well.

It's working

"He wanted to show me what I looked like in his own way to prove I was showing too much skin or being a little too risque in my photos,” Cassie said, via Mirror. "It was a real shock he doubled my numbers in such little time. I do think a little more about which photos I post now because I know certain photos can never be erased on the internet and certain people will see it.”

Nailed it

In this photo, Martin nails nearly every detail: duckface, head tilt and tattoo exposed by the bare midriff. There was, however, one aspect of the photo that Martin forgot to consider. “Took me 3 days to get all the ink off,” he wrote on Instagram.

Who wore it best?

Social media reactions to the photos ranged from “LMAO” to “disturbing.” “Bahahahahahahaha. This is so fantastic! You go dad,” one Instagram user commented. “Please never stop doing this,” wrote another. On Twitter, Cassie wrote simply, “THIS IS MY FATHER #wtf.”

‘Tone it down’

Martin posted the first side-by-side selfie in April, and after a two-month hiatus, got back to mocking his daughter in June. That’s when Cassie began posting the photos to her account as well. “A while ago some of you saw I was copying the photos my daughter would post on her Facebook, mainly because I told her it looked like she was trying to escort Japanese businessmen and to tone it down,” he wrote on this photo of himself mimicking his daughter’s thick eyeliner. “She did a little, but I still kept it up because sometimes I'm just bored.”

‘Your dad is a legend’

It turns out Martin’s son isn’t safe from his father’s playful pranking either. The dad of the year posted this photo to his Instagram page to wish his son, Austin, a happy birthday. Austin responded by saying that after the photos of his dad and sister went viral, even he was getting friend requests from strangers every couple hours. “Your dad is a legend,” one Facebook user commented. “Can your dad pls be my dad?” wrote another.